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Excellent game.


This website is about Republic Commando cheats and much much more.................

This not just a game, this the Games of the Gods, the graphics are five-star, the sound is five-star, the movements are five-star; I think the Game is just incredible, any person who likes games, and does not have this then, your life is beginning once you start to play this game. Just to tell you; if you do not believe me, well, on a statistic chart Star Wars Republic Commando was voted 81st place out of 1,113places. I think this game is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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I will also tell you about clans and other stuff. I recommend the HF (Hell Fire) clan.                                               For it is the clan with the best players, which in it, has quite a lot of members do not know how many members though and all of the HF clan members, well almost everyone is not a noob, if they are noobs then they are against the HF clan policy and will please have to leave, you will find all noob things in the MEMBER area, (noobs=cheaters) and is the most populated clan ever, which is lead by LCC Clone, Skirata (me) and Hellsky.       An  imposter plays as me, with the same name as me just always swears and has Noob guns. The real name of the guy who is an imposter is: I'm Gay Noname.

P.S All HF clan noobs are beyond my power and will be removed next time we meet them.

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